40 Days Pokémon Challenge | Day 34

Favorite Villain Team: Team Plasma from BW2 ۞

5/6. Ah, I love Generation V. <3

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doodling pokes.



Day 3 ~ Favourite Dragon Type

I’m obsessed with Noiverns mannnnn… ;w; Hydreigon coming in second. Ahhhhhhhh bubu.

4/6. Not a huge fan of the Sinnoh region itself, but Gen IV had a lot of great Pokemon!

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Sort of late, but here’s the current status of my two comic submissions. n_n I need to start working on the third episode… I think I’m going to change up the style a little.

I pounded Melonda the Desert Ogrin earlier and it appears that she’s stuck. Would anyone like to give her a new home?

3/6. Forgot to post this last night. x_x

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This is my first ever GIF animation! ^-^

As one of my all time favorite 3rd generation Pokemon, I am very excited for Mega MetagrossI like to play competitively, so the addition of the ability tough claws, and a boost to most of its stats blows my mind. I can’t believe it’s been over 10 years since I played the first Ruby and Sapphire versions as a kid. 


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speedpaint of zoroark from pokemon

there’s also a black and white version, which is how I drew it originally


other pokemon art

latios ★ houndoom + mightyena★ lugia